Chapter One  Engage in only business activities, no politics
Chapter Two  Main activities
            Ⅰ.Organizes the members for business operations.
            Ⅱ. Organize communication and friends making in between the members.
Chapter Three  Candidates join EECCO must be under the following conditions:
Ⅰ. Agree on and obey the rules and articles of EECCO;
Ⅱ. Has a strong will to join EECCO;
Ⅲ. Has a dream and personal goal, willing to make great efforts for success;
Ⅳ. Has no criminal record, or there is no record of major criminal and decide to mend;
Ⅴ. All candidates regardless of skin color, the rich and poor, religion, parties and nations can apply to join.
Chapter Four  Procedures to join in EECCO
Ⅰ. Hand in personal resume and application letter;
Ⅱ. Discussed and approved by the disciplinary commission.

EECCO members have the following rights:
Ⅰ. to vote and be voted within EECCO ;
Ⅱ. to participate in study, communication and publicity activities;
Ⅲ. to report to the professional committee for good business projects you discovered;
Ⅳ. to apply to participate in the management of some specific projects;
Ⅴ. to have priority on investments based on rules.

EECCO members should perform the following obligations:
Ⅰ. to carry out the resolutions of EECCO;
Ⅱ. to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the organization。
Ⅲ. to actively participate in business operations and management.

Member scoring system:
Ⅰ. Scores can be accumulated based on each member’s contribution to EECCO, but not limited.
Ⅱ. The specific implementation measures shall be formulated by the strategic and institutional Committee (the Headquarter), which is only open to formal members.
Ⅰ. All members are equal.
Ⅱ. All entertainment between members is limited to meals only and based on the local average level, the over expenditure shall be undertaken by the one who are entertained. Each member should not treat more than 40 members per year. The accommodations and recreations should be on the member’s own account if for his own personal purpose.
Ⅲ. Members of the organization entertains each other, should be at economic level but never at extravagance.
Ⅳ. Members should be like brothers and sisters, and never to make use of organizational relationships to trifle with other member’s affections.
Ⅴ. Members shall not have private borrowing and any form of money deal between each other.

Chapter Four  Source of funds, management and rules on money spending
Ⅰ. Membership fee shall be charged at 1% of each member’s annual income. The recommended member pay membership fee based on his or her income or social rank and at the level defined by himself or herself; Donations is accepted at the preliminary stage of EECCO.
Ⅱ. Money and gifts donated from the members alive are not accepted when EECCO grows mature;
Ⅲ. EECCO accepts the heritage donation by members who passed away;
Ⅳ. Funs mainly come from enterprises during the normal operations of EECCO. The specific budget is made by
  the Economic Development Committee and approved by the Strategic and institutional Committee.
Ⅴ. All expenses will be disclosed on the net within 3 days since occurred.