Brief Introduction of EECCO123
EECCO is an united organization for economic development. It has its own culture,
regulations and system, featured by mutual trust, safe cooperation, simple and smooth
undertaking, rich and happy life; EECCO is the home for its members striving for their
economic undertakings.
Recently, people in business for many years are still weak and lack talented
assistants and funds; it’s really hard for grassroots to start their own business as they lack
talented assistants, funds and teachers; being limited to various conditions, most of
people could only bury their ambition in their heart and live the rest of their lives pitifully.
Additionally, rich people who want to invest lack of creditable and safe projects as many
frauds are in the investment industry which make innocent people dare not to invest in;
shareholders also blow up even become enemies due to different ideas.
Conclusions on difficulties in economic undertaking:
What for? How? How to organize partners? Where are funds come from?
What should we do when in difficulties? It’s usually extremely risky to cross the river
by touching stones and this explains why the average life of a company are only several
How to monitor a company after investment? Some suggests to hand it to the
investment company for monitoring; how to ensure monitors to fulfill their responsibilities?
What if the operational team harm the profits of the investors?This is the most tricky
problem for investors as it’s difficult to monitor and claim for responsibilities;
A scientific system is necessary to solve these problems. EECCO could solve the
above problems swiftly, steadily and reliably through transparent actions.
The support for a successful undertaking is more important than individual
capabilities. Entrepreneurs need opportunities and guidance like successors need
assistants to fight for them and a successful undertaking can not leave backbone partners.
All members of EECCO are backbones, they are conducive to make contributions and
fighting for the same goal.
There are a group of people on the earth who enjoy success, wealth, relaxation,
happiness and free life for generations. They are members of giant cliques and big
families which have been carried forward for several years. This is the result that they
work for their undertakings for several years in an organized manner. It means that power
is more important than ability and an organization is a power. People think that Jews’
success and wealth lies in intelligence. Actually it’s because they fight together. By
comparison, EECCO’s regulations, system and core culture are more established than the
economic organization of Jews.
Earth Economic Cooperation Organization (registered name in countries like US),
short for EECCO, is a global economic organization which is registered as Shenzhen Aige
Enterpreneurs Club in China Ministry of Civic Affairs. EECCO is committed to organize its
members in an organized manner by abandoning the weaknesses of human nature and
carrying forward the strengths of human nature so as to complement the disadvantageous
conditions; It makes project decision-making, team organization, fund collection and
problems settlement swift and steady and ensures successful operation and goal
attainment; As the automatic production in assembly line, all the above goals can be
reached swiftly with a high quality. EECCO members will be happy and safe instead of
working hard to fight alone or become frustrated on the path towards success, they can be
brave enough to do what they want and realize dreams like successful undertaking, rich
life and spirits.
Absorbing the essences and removing the dross from different peoples, the
ideological and cultural system of EECCO (in four books while the first book has been
completed) owns the far-sight to survive the organization for ever.