• Organization Structure
    Ⅰ. Strategic and Institutional Committee:to formulate the rules and review the strategies by the     Economic Affairs Committee;
    Ⅱ. Organizational Affairs and Disciplinary Committee:to maintain good disciplines and approve recruitment;
    Ⅲ. Economic Affairs Committee:to organize economic-related activities, to update the progress of business projects and to disclose the financial status;
Ⅳ. Profession Committees on different Sections:to lead corporations of different industries;
Ⅴ. There’s election every four years in the management team. Leaders of each committee serve no more than two terms.

Other Committees:
Ⅰ. Under the Profession Committees on different Sections there’re independent corporations, all of which are listed already or are capable and powerful to get listed;
Ⅱ. A regional division can be established when the local members quantity reaches 10~40 millions. Based on the rules and systems of the headquarter, the regional divisions collect data, organize study and exchange ideas. Regional divisions have no independent finance while all the expenditures and income are managed by the headquarter.
Ⅲ. Members of divisions can directly contact the headquarter when with good ideas;  
Ⅳ. When divisions develop bigger and bigger, more functions can be increased, such as setting up professional committee on business affairs, while the headquarter committee and council in charge of rules and regulations and public relations.
  • Ways to organize business activities:
    Ⅰ. Business information collection and members recruitment;
    Ⅱ. To organize ideas and experience exchange and communication between members, to make feasibility analysis of the business information, to screen and finalize the potential projects.   
    Ⅲ. To report to the Professional Committee when business opportunities discovered; to establish corporation , organize team, funding and getting it listed;
    Ⅳ. All the business projects must be listed or meet the standards of listed company.
Ⅴ. Investment quota for each member should be based on the score of them accumulated;
VI. The operations and management of any business projects approved by EECCO must be under the laws or regulations of the local countries or regions. All members engaged should sign the contracts. Any violation of rules or laws subject to organizational rules and regulations as well as the contracts signed. For any damage to other member’s interests, or any criminal behavior, EECCO reserves the right to appeal to law.
Ⅶ. No personal fundraising or investment in the name of EECCO. EECCO is not directly involved in the corporations' business activities or personnel, but only on general management, update the state of operation and, take law actions on illegal issues.